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Test Bank for Money, Banking, and the Financial System, 1st Edition, R. Glenn Hubbard, Anthony P. O’Brien, ISBN-10: 0132553457, ISBN-13: 9780132553452

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This is complete Test Bank ( NOT SOLUTION MANUAL)! A Test bank is a ready-made electronic testing resource that can be customized by lecturers for their teaching. Questions (with Answers) can be any of the types: Multiple choice, Multiple response, True/false, Fill in the blank, Matching, Essay/short answer.

Table of contents
Brief Contents

Part 1: Foundations
Chapter 1 Introducing Money and the Financial System 1
Chapter 2 Money and the Payments System 25

Part 2: Financial Markets
Chapter 3 Interest Rates and Rates of Return 51
Chapter 4 Determining Interest Rates 87
Chapter 5 The Risk Structure and Term Structure
of Interest Rates 123
Chapter 6 The Stock Market, Information, and
Financial Market Efficiency 156
Chapter 7 Derivatives and Derivative Markets 189

Part 3: Financial Institutions
Chapter 8 The Market for Foreign Exchange 224
Chapter 9 Transactions Costs, Asymmetric Information,
and the Structure of the Financial System 252
Chapter 10 The Economics of Banking 279
Chapter 11 Investment Banks, Mutual Funds, Hedge
Funds, and the Shadow Banking System 314
Chapter 12 Financial Crises and Financial Regulation 347

Part 4: Monetary Policy
Chapter 13 The Federal Reserve and Central Banking 384
Chapter 14 The Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet
and the Money Supply Process 411
Chapter 15 Monetary Policy 442
Chapter 16 The International Financial System
and Monetary Policy 481

Part 5: The Financial System and the Macroeconomy
Chapter 17 Monetary Theory I: The Aggregate Demand
and Aggregate Supply Model 514
Chapter 18 Monetary Theory II: The IS—MP Model 546


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